The Procedure

Each treatment begins with a gentle but deep cleaning of the skin and ends with a special treatmentmask for your skinneeds such as an hyaluronic, collagen or BioMatrix facemask. Warm, pleasant tripollar radio frequency tightens the collagen fibers. By using DMA- the facial muscles are tightened and we reshape the facial contours. Depending on the skin condition and the needs of the customer we use one of the below listend clinical technologies.


  • VoluDerm ™ the RF microneedling with the world's finest gold needles is aimed for thermal penetrationcreating microchannels to induce controlled microwounds, thus encouraging the generation of new collagen and elastine. The result: intensive tightening and deep skin restructure. Suitable for deep acne scars, moderate wrinkles 
  • TriFractional ™, uses RF and small gold needles to renew the epidermis by gently removing the epidermal layer for skin remodeling, texture improvement, skin resurfacing and shrinking the pores. Suitable for large pores, light acne scars, general skin imperfections.

Nefertiti Lift Pore Thightening & Resurfacing

  • TriPollare Radiofrequenzy
  • Dynamiy Muscle Activation
  • TriFracional ™


390.- CHF


the pyramid facelift

  • Tripollare Radiofrequenz
  • Dynamiy Muscle Activation
  • VoluDerm™ 

390.- CHF

inc. neck 450.- CHF

inc. neck & décollette 490.- CHF

Vitamin Treatment for 60.- CHF

4 Vitamin Ampoules and 2 Masks for an even bigger WOW effect! 
can be added to every Divine Treatment 


A personal skin analysis and treatment consultation is recommended and should be carried out before the start of each treatment so that we can put together your individual follow-up care. When using the pyramid facelift, 4-8 treatments every 3-4 weeks are recommended for a visible and longlasting tightening effect.


From 5 treatments on you benefit from the following offers*:

  • free Skin analysis worth CHF 160.- at the beginning of the cure
  • 15% discount on all products during the treatment
  • Product Gift worth 100.- CHF choosable from the SOS Collagen Afterneedling Kit, Aftercare VITAMIN MASK or a medical Dailyprotection Cream

*These promotions only apply if the cure has been billed at the beginning.


 NEW - from 2021 also INSTALLATION PAYMENT possible


You can treat yourself with the DIVINE Pyramid facelift for as little as CHF 85 per month. Only with a low 5% interest fee.

We at Miracle Beauty would be happy to advise you in detail about the possibilities. The options are endless: 12 or 24 months, from 5 up to 10 Treatments also including follow-up Treatments with other divices. We are happy to find the best solution for you, your treatment plan and your happy youthful skin.